Letterkenny Athletics Track

S. R. McHugh Limited are very proud to sponsor the 40th Anniversary of the Letterkenny Athletics Club and the opening of the Danny McDaid Athletics Track.

Sports and athletics take an enormous amount of professionalism to achieve and to be successful at. We pride ourselves in our professionalism off the track. why don’t you check out our professional services and see what we are about!

– Contracts & Project Managers.
– Foreman & Site Supervisory Staff.
– Quantity Surveyors.
– Civil & Structural Engineers.
– Site Administrators and Secretaries.
– Health & Safety Personnel.

More information on these vital new roles can be found HERE.

Are you a site professional? If you think you have what it takes to become part of the team then we’d love to hear fromn you! Send your CV in to enquiries@srmchugh.co.uk and let’s see if we can’t help you!
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